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Eco-Friendly Housecleaning Service, Norcross, GA


Here is a rather extensive summary of what you can expect when I come to clean your home.

I prefer that rooms are “picked up” before I arrive, but I’ll gladly take care of that if you like. I just can’t guarantee items will go where they belong. If I don’t know where something goes, these items will be placed somewhere in plain view.

Note: Your estimate will be significantly lower if you agree to have your home picked up beforehand.

  • All carpets will be vacuumed.
  • All hardwood floors will be hand-washed.
  • All interior windows, glass, and mirrors will be cleaned.
  • All fixtures will be dusted or wiped down.
  • All easily movable furniture will be moved and cleaned underneath on a rotational schedule.
  • All air conditioning vents will be cleaned.
  • All blinds, baseboards, and doors will be wiped.
  • All trash will be removed and fresh bags put in place.



  • Countertops will be cleaned.
  • Appliances will be wiped.
  • Stovetop and oven exterior will be cleaned.
  • Microwave will be cleaned.
  • Refrigerator will be cleaned (outside only – inside can be done upon request).
  • Cabinet doors will be cleaned (inside can be done upon request).
  • Faucet and sinks will be wiped.
  • Dishes will be rinsed and put in dishwasher. Pots and pans will be cleaned.
  • Dishwasher (exterior) will be cleaned.


  • Toilets will be cleaned.
  • Shower and tub will be cleaned.
  • Countertops, sinks, and cabinet doors will be cleaned (inside cabinets done upon request).
  • Floors will be hand-washed.
  • Trash bags will be taken out.

Family Room and Dining Area

  • Carpeted areas will be cleaned (and I’ll do my best to remove stains. This may take more than one visit).
  • Hardwood and tiled areas will be hand-washed.
  • Doors and baseboards will be cleaned.