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Eco-Friendly Housecleaning Service, Norcross, GA

How To Choose a Housecleaning Service or Business

When it comes to choosing a housecleaning service or business (whether it is green and eco-friendly or otherwise) you have a pretty important decision to make. Unless you’ll have the luxury of being at home when the person or business comes to clean, you’ll be giving someone access to your home. That can be a fairly off-putting situation but if you take the right steps, you can find a reputable service that will keep your home clean for years to come. Here are a few pointers.

1. Look for a Professional Company
Any company you choose should be bonded, licensed, and insured. Bonding protects you in case anything is stolen from your home, the insurance covers damages. The licensing part shows you that the person or company is registered to do business in your state and /or locale.

2. Research Rates
The rate for service is probably the next thing to investigate. I’ve seen some companies charge as much as $150 per cleaning, and the initial service is even more expensive. Take the time and get quotes from at least three companies. You might be surprised at the price differential. Plenty of companies will offer free estimates – you just enter in some information about your home online and you’ll receive your quote via email.

3. Ask for References
Any business that isn’t willing to provide you with references from past or current clients probably isn’t worth considering. And you should follow up and contact them for details. Ask about customer service (did they show up on time?), level of cleanliness (is the home truly clean after service?), and anything else relevant you can think of.

4. Attend Initial Cleaning
If you can work it into your weekly work schedule, try to attend the first cleaning. I don’t know that I’d follow the person around, although you’re well within your rights if you wish. By being there, you can immediately inspect how clean your home is, point out anything you are particular about, and get any other issues ironed out. Plus any reputable company will probably show up early for the first service so they can introduce themselves and allow you to get to know them a bit.

These are only a few of the things you should look for when choosing a housecleaning service, but this will get you off on the right foot. In the midst of looking for a housecleaning company, consider EcoMan Housecleaning. It offers very low rates, stellar customer service, free estimates, and most furniture will be moved and cleaned around and under. It uses non-toxic all natural cleaners, making for a safer environment for you, your children, and your pets.

Have you been looking for a housecleaning service?

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