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Eco-Friendly Housecleaning Service, Norcross, GA

4 Ways To Green Your Home Besides an Eco Friendly Housecleaning Service

Going with a green, eco-friendly housecleaning service is one way to green your home, making it better for yourself, your children, and the environment. However, there are other ways to so so. Here are four of them.

1. Go Paperless
Sign up for paperless billing for all monthly service providers and you’ll eventually save a tree or two. Plus, you’ll have a cleaner and more organized home office to work out of.

2. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
When CFL bulbs first hit the market, the cost was prohibitive in a lot of cases. Now you can get them for just a few dollars apiece. Switch out your home to CFLs and you’ll reduce your energy consumption and cut your bills.

3. Unplug Unused Appliances
Got a spare bedroom that’s rarely in use? How about a DVD player you hardly ever use? Take a quick run through your home and unplug anything that isn’t used often. Those lamps and appliances are still consuming energy even if they aren’t turned on.

4. Rent a Water Cooler
If your household drinks a lot of bottled water, all of that plastic waste does no good for the environment. Instead, consider renting (or purchasing) a water cooler. Yes, they look just like the ones in your office, only they’re good for home use. There are plans available as low as $10 per month, so you’d probably save yourself some money too.

And if you’re still in the decision-making process for a green housecleaning service, consider EcoMan Housecleaning. It offers low rates (sure to beat out virtually all competition), excellent customer service, free estimates, and more. Call David at 770-597-7659 or go online to get your free housecleaning estimate today.

What other ways can you think of to green your home?


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